Small, ready to use production units complete with all necessary equipment. Marco Malavasi, owner of the Unimeat company: «A solution which makes helps streamline the burden of bureaucracy».

The economic crisis has forced many companies, even in the food industry, to review their needs and cut costs without losing the quality of their products. A solution to this problem, common to many small-medium Italian companies, has been proposed with quite some success by Unimeat, a Modena-based company active since 2006 in the design and supply of equipment and complete plant for slaughtering/butchering of pork, beef and lamb. The system is based on innovative containers for meat processing in small production units containing all necessary facilities for slaughtering/butchering which only need to be connected to the electricity mains and the sewage system to work perfectly.


‘We work with companies of all sizes, from farms, to farm holiday centres and large industries,’ Eurocarne Post was told by Marco Malavasi, owner of Unimeat. Yet this product in particular is currently our flagship. It essentially offers two advantages for small businesses: on the one hand, bureaucratic documentation is streamlined, since there is no need for a whole series of local Council permits to start work and, although production capacities are limited, the system is extremely functional.


The container solution for slaughtering/butchering is baed on the know-how of a company that since its foundation has successfully worked on meat processing systems market. ‘Since 2006, when the company was set up,‘ added Malavasi, ‘we have had to change our policy; we consequently emphasised this container system and technical assistance for plant that had to close and were sold off abroad. In short, we invested in used equipmentrather than new plant.’


Unimeat’s positioning decision has borne fruit, since the company quickly made its name as an important player in the Italian and international scenario. ‘We are focusing considerably on Eastern Europe, while also intensifying our efforts in Africa,’ Malavasi pointed out. We hope to complete these projects and, above all, that the Italian domestic market manages to get going again, which nevertheless is still the spearhead for our products as regards beef cattle and pigs-sheep. Otherwise, we would be forced to review our corporate assets once again.’


The common denominator in this entirely Italian success story is innovation. ‘We seek to invent new products because slaughtering/butchering alone is not enough,’ said the owner. Examples of our commitment include the service supplying metal industrial sheds with insulated partitions for cold storage, internal and external doors and windows, as well as cooling and climate control systems in addition to meat drying and curing machinery.

Source: Osservatorio Eurocarne