UNIMEAT s.r.l. provides a technical consulting service for both construction of a new plant and renovation of an existing plant in compliance with the CE regulations. We develop our relationship with the clientèle as follows: we carry out an inspection at the customer’s site to see what work needs to done. We draw up a graphic layout for arrangement of the rooms and the equipment necessary. The project comes complete with graphic tables, a description of the plants and machinery required, the paths the meat and the staff are to follow, and the processing processes. We prepare a technical-descriptive report as well as a bill of quantity (BOQ) of the plants and machinery required. We discuss the draft project with the competent veterinarian at the Local Health Authority.


After drawing up a technical layout for arrangement of the rooms and the equipment necessary, UNIMEAT s.r.l. takes care of the executive design and planning of both the complete plants and the individual machinery. Each piece of machinery is constructed in compliance with the Machinery Directive in force and is accompanied by wide technical documentation, a use and maintenance manual and an CE Declaration of Conformity.


When the executive and construction design phase is complete, the individual pieces of machinery are constructed at the two operating units that collaborate with us. The workshop located in Modena takes care of realization of all the metal structural work and subsequent hot galvanization, while the workshop in Parma constructs all the AISI 304 stainless steel machinery and equipment.


UNIMEAT s.r.l. employs specialized personnel who, assisted by our technical site supervisor, take care of all the various installation phases of both the plants and the individual machinery using equipment suitable for installation at the customer’s premises or construction site.


Following installation, UNIMEAT s.r.l. assists the customer during plant testing and takes care of the entire after-sales part from routine maintenance (if requested) to supply of spare parts if needed.