Our mobilesolution

UNIMEAT s.r.l. sets itself out as constructor of small slaughtering and meat processing plants installed directly in movable (on motor vehicle) or fixed containers.

We are talking about small plants a little more than artisanal ones even if with production characteristics that reach the minimum industrial economic threshold and with cutting-edge technological solutions able to fully meet the real market needs.

The various production units are made up of prefabricated, preinstalled single blocks complete with auxiliary equipment and modern and rational process lines.

The ease of transport, fast installation that allows cutting down the installation time on site, quick readiness for operation and the utmost operating reliability constitute a valid solution to satisfy the most varied requirements.

Pig slaughtering container

Sheep slaughtering container

Poultry slaughtering container

Rabbit slaughtering container

Modular unit for meat slaughter

Modular unit laboratory meat and sausages

Other slaughter and slaughter facilities